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Reid’s Engineering prides itself on being an innovative and adaptable engineering corps, with the ability to create anything to our clients’ immense satisfaction. If you can think it - we will build it! We proudly manufacture all of our custom-builds to the highest possible calibre.

Cut and Supply and Bending

Reid’s is a specialist in cutting or bending any material - to any shape or size - that our customers need. Our equipment allows us to do plasma, oxyfuel and guillotine cutting.

Bending is a metal manufacturing process that bends sheet metals into V-shapes, U-shapes or channel shapes. The equipment used includes box and pan brakes, brake pressed and specialised machine presses.

Custom Manufacturing

As one of our major services, we custom manufacture a range of vehicular additions to suit the needs of our clients. We create truck bodies, trailers, firefighters and farm implements as required.

We have done many truck bodies for clients, including skeletals, flat decks, cane spiller bodies and roll-over chopped cane bodies. Due to the nature of the agricultural sector, we at Reid’s understand that every farmer has a unique style and structure to their maintenance of their land. As a result, we tailor make our truck bodies to suit the needs of the farmer.

Refurbishments and Repairs

Given the amount of daily grind the average farm machine goes through, one of our specialised services is to assist in refurbishments and repairs for a host of different products.

No matter what you may need - Reid’s is up to the challenge.