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We manufacture from 1 tonne to 20 tonne trailers. The range we offer covers all transport requirements, from general purpose bakkie-drawn trailers, to four-axle drawbar truck-drawn trailers. We manufacture purpose built high lift infield trailers for mechanical harvesting, as well as zone to mill units for road haulage. Please note that we build to clients' specifications.

Roll-Over Bin on Actross 3344 with Four-Axle Trailer

Roll-Over Bin on Interlink with Man Truck

Custom Built Tractor-Drawn Labour Carriers (Carrying capacity of 80 labourers, hydraulic, and lap belts)

Double-Axle Walking Beam Tip Trailers for Timber and General Purpose Applications (Single or dual wheel configuration, 3 stage D3 hydraulic rams, pneumatic or hydraulically braked)

Mechanically Harvested Cane High-Lift Infield Trailers (With either single axle or double axle walking beam bogie, high flotation tyres, quick turn drawbar)

Tractor-Drawn Link Unit (Comprising tri-axle front link and dual-axle rear link for zone to mill transport)

Interlinks for Timber as well as Whole-Stick Cane Transport

Multi-Purpose Flat Deck Units with Removable Stanchions and Removable Spiller Units

3 and 4 Axle Trailers

3 Axle Trailer

3 Axle Trailer

4 Axle Trailer 

4 Axle trailer

Other Trailers

Double Axle Cane Trailer

Tipping Timbre Trailer With Crane/Grab

Non Tipping Double Axle Flat Deck Trailer (Tractor Drawn) 

V deck Timbre Trailer With Timber Grab.

Double Axle Tipping bucket Trailer Fitted To A Bell 1216 AF

Low Bed Trailers

Low Bed Trailer Fitted 

Tractor Drawn Short Low Bed Trailer 

Low Bed Tractor Drawn Trailer (Floor)